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The World's First Early Stage Startup Community Events For Founders, By Founders.

Co·Found  |  \ ˌkō-ˈfau̇nd (verb.)

To join or help one or more others in founding (something, such as an organization or institution) : to found (something) jointly.

Our vision from day one has always come down to You! 

To help bring You more value on your Founder & Creator journey's, And to usher in the most inviting environment of opportunity for Early Stage Founders to meet, learn, connect, network, share and Co-Found. It is truly an honor to have created such an amazing community of brilliant Founders and Creators 9 years ago, 53 successful events together, And more than 15,000+ Members to date; Becoming the No.1 Startup Networking Community & Co-Founding events in Berlin and around the World!

IT'S BEEN PROVEN that the 5 KEY reasons for Startup failure in the early stages is the lack of effective and quality INFORMATION, ACCESS, RESOURCES, FUNDING and a DYNAMIC Co-Founding TEAM.

THE HARDEST PART in the beginning when You finally decide to invest in yourself, take the leap, and start your venture is NOT KNOWING WHERE TO  START OR WHO TO TRUST in all the necessary areas in your early stages; And To find STARTUP FRIENDLY organizations that believe in You, Wants to build an early relationship with You, And are ready to help You succeed!  

Your New Startup Guide! 


Our Co-Found Community is your Startup Directory that's filled with passionate, creative and driven people who are eager to MEET & BUILD a relationship WITH YOU! To help Co-Found & Accelerate your Venture and your Founders Journey Together!  


1. CO-FOUNDING your venture with you by helping you build the next great startup to go down in startup history! 

2. ANSWERING your most valuable questions, and sharing their knowledge, creativity, insights and expertise from their prospective industries and personal experiences.

3. GRANTING you access to their precious time, network, And making key introductions & recommendations. 

4. INTRODUCING you to valuable tools and resources you just can’t get anywhere else to help scale your progress and venture. 

5. SUPPORTING and encouraging you to continue on your journey by building a lasting business relationship with you that will grow over time. 

WE HAVE A MISSION To Be The World's Largest And Most Organic Community, Events & Platform of opportunity to help Accelerate you to success, And empower You to seamlessly Connect, Learn from each other & our Experts, Network with purpose, Share your experiences & stories, And Co-Found the next great venture! We are the 0 to 1 Go-To Community and Starting Point for You all to meet with Startups, Co-Founders, Creators, Mentors, Collaborators, And Investors of all kinds that spark your interest – For You to form the next great team to go down in Startup History.

WELCOME ALL Creators, Founders, Co-Founders, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Corporate & Business people, Investors, Freelancers, Marketers, Influencers, Advisors, Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, Collaborators, Philanthropist, Inventors, Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, Hackers, Developers, Artist, Designers, Creatives, CX / UX / UI Designers, Copywriters, Students, and most importantly Start-ups of all shapes, sizes and stages.

 Creating Opportunies For You, By You! 

Now You have the power to create, experience, and design YOUR Co-Found Community the way you like:

STEP 1 : START By creating your profile to let us know who you are and why you're here!

STEP 2 : BECOME A FEATURED MEMBER & JOIN our Exclusive List of Founders who can now unlock so many more benefits & features for TOP VISIBILITY on our platform. 

STEP 3 : POST & SHARE your introductions and all your content for all our members to see and engage with; AND spread the word on all your social platforms, and to your outside network to bring ALL of your supporters IN ONE PLACE

NOTE: Our team of Internal Investors are looking to INVEST IN YOU! And will be monitoring your content, growth & progress on our platform.  

PLEASE NOTE: You can ONLY purchase these Membership Plans on a PC or Web App on our mobile phone, NOT inside our actual app just yet.



For Any More Questions, Contact Our Host Directly: [email protected]

We Look Forward To Seeing You Very Soon! 

- Michael

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