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To help bring You more value on your Founder & Creator journey's, And to usher in the most inviting environment of opportunity for Early Stage Founders to meet, learn, connect, network, share and Co-Found. It is truly an honor to have created such an amazing community of brilliant Founders and Creators 9 years ago, 53 successful events together, And more than 15,000+ Members to date; Becoming the #1 Startup Networking Community & Co-Founding events in Berlin and around the World!

IT'S BEEN PROVEN that the 5 KEY reasons for Startup failure in the early stages is the lack of effective and quality INFORMATION, ACCESS, RESOURCES, FUNDING and a DYNAMIC Co-Founding TEAM.


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WE HAVE A MISSION To Be The Worlds Largest And Most Organic Community & Events of opportunity to help Accelerate You to success, And empower You to seamlessly Connect, Learn from each other, Network with purpose & Share your experiences and truth stories. We are proud to be the Go-To Community and Starting Point for You to form the next great team and venture to go down in Startup History.

WELCOME ALL Creators, Founders, Co-Founders, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Corporate & Business people, Investors, Freelancers, Marketers, Influencers, Advisors, Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, Collaborators, Philanthropist, Inventors, Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, Hackers, Developers, Artist, Designers, Creatives, CX / UX / UI Designers, Copywriters, Students, and most importantly Start-ups of all shapes, sizes and stages.



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